Real Connections

Real Connections

BeTheChangeYYC Homeless Outreach Team Spring, 2019, Starting left: Chaz, Kaitlen, Barb, Kyle, Wanda, and Kathy.

Outreach is not a promo

At BeTheChangeYYC we don’t do outreach for the good reputation or the kudos from others. We do outreach because we know the system is lacking. We do it to raise awareness. We do it to genuinely help others and to encourage others to join this cause or start their own in this way. There are many gaps in the service sector especially in the form of outreach. Many of our homeless are left without hope. They fall through the gaps. Often our homeless express they are preached at and treated like cattle to be herded into a religion; to intake into a cause. Often these vulnerable individuals have stories of tragedy and abuse. They have faced many trials that have separated them from their natural support systems. They have had a break down of community, separation from their friends and family. Outreach should be a real effort to re inspire community and build real tangible relationship with individuals.

Leave your agenda at home

These individuals have tangible and natural healing that needs to take place. They need food, clothing, water, and housing. People need to be able to be empowered to make a change when they are ready. There is something great in being able to discover your own ability to heal. So if you want to help the homeless leave your agenda at home. Come with only a heart to serve. That is your only mission. Outreach provides the opportunity to meet people where they are at. Caring and giving without expectation other than the persons quality of life being improved is healing in itself.

Community is the solution

Homelessness can be solved with a empowered community. So when you see our posts, our photos, don’t think look at those do-gooders promoting themselves, think “look at those lovers promoting love so others can also be shown a way.” Surely if you were broken, hungry, cold, and thirsty you would hope we were there too advocating for this cause; on your behalf.  Individuals experiencing homelessness are looking for that real connection. This Winter remember you may be just one person, but you are mighty and surely can help make a change. These holidays like Christmas, be thankful for what you have but be mindful of what you can give. It might just be to do something small but you can be the change today. Spread love and spread light. 

Calgary homeless outreach team

Written by Chaz Smith, President & Founder of Be The Change YYC.

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