The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

Giving Tree YYC

#GivingTreeYYC Calgary’s Giving Tree, Leave an Item or Take an Item help someone in need

BeTheChangeYYC presents #GivingTreeYYC. It is located on the west side of Olympic Plaza, downtown Calgary, Alberta. Starting on Wednesday, November 27th and will be going all Winter long. Our outreach team will hang socks, mitts, Jackets, sleeping bags, tuques, and  scarves.

 If you feel inspired to please add one of these items listed above to the tree. You can tangibly add warmth to the lives of someone experiencing  homelessness  who in need this Winter.

Take a photo with the tree and add the hashtag #GivingTreeYYC


Independence and Accessibility

This tree encourages independence and dignity when accessing this resource. We all know sometimes it is hard to ask for help. This Tree allows for a individual to access its resources without the need of assistance. We hope this encourages independence and self worth. We hope to also see other communities and cities start their own #GivingTree. Those who wish to give are able to give anonymously, but we would like to see your photo with the hashtag #GivingTreeYYC. Take an item or Leave an item. You could be helping someone shivering in the cold this Winter. Experiencing homelessness is hard enough. Your donation could help not only physically warm someone up but also bring hope to their heart..

Star your own giving tree

President & Founder Chaz Smith tries to encourage Edmonton to also do #TheGivingTree ( #GivingTreeYEG )

Consider starting your own giving tree. Many communities have individuals who are in need. You can start your own giving tree or encourage your citiy/towns to do the same. Please when picking your tree be mindful of their branches and please be gentle with them. Use items like string to affix your sign, we don’t want our trees damaged with pins or nails. Our Giving Tree ( #GivingTreeYYC ) has allowed us over the years to use her branches and we would like to keep her around many more years to come. Please be respectful of her. We hope you are inspire to join us and Be The Change here and all of your communities around.

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