Helping Homeless

Helping homeless outreach team

Our president Chaz Smith (left) and vice president Matthew Dorie on Outreach

Walking on foot our Volunteer Outreach workers go out to help the homeless population we come across in downtown Calgary.  We are out every Wednesday from 5 – 8 pm and sometimes on other days as well. We move through the Calgary downtown core. We hand out tangibles like, food, water, clothing, hygiene, harm reduction supplies and resource guides

Our goal is to help the homeless individuals we come across access shelters, detox’s, and more. Change can start with a meal that starts a conversation. Your support could help impact a vulnerable homeless citizens life forever.   Every Wednesday we are able to help 100+ individuals. We are all about supporting this population and in turn growing healthier and stronger community. The homeless we are able to help is only because of people like you in the community who want to make a difference.

We are 100% volunteer run and community powered

Calgary homeless outreach team April 22nd, 2019

Our team is made up of many individuals who are passionate about homelessness and change. We have volunteers who have studied addictions and social work. We have advisers who have served in this sector for decades. Some of our core team volunteers have even transitioned out of homelessness. Those peers who have transitioned out of homelessness have now come back to offer a peer support perspective on how to best help those experiencing homelessness. We schedule training throughout the year and are constantly at work or networking. Our team continues to research topics of interest to stay on top of homelessness topics and best of practices in this sector. We thrive on our passion to end homelessness one act of kindness at a time. We believe our diverse make up is what allows us to best serve the homeless population we come across.

You can help the homeless too

Our homeless sometimes fall through the cracks of the system. You can help. You can come out to volunteer and be trained to do outreach work with us. Or you can donate either tangible items or monetarily. We are community powered. That means we rely on our volunteers and donations from people like you. You can be sure 100% of what you donate goes to help the homeless in Calgary. Below is a list of items we are in need of.  Any questions feel free to Contact us directly.

Individual downtown Calgary receives bottled water from our homeless outreach team

– Bottled Water or Juice 
– Sandwich Bread 
– Sandwich Meat & Cheese 
– Treats/Snacks 
– Socks 
– Tarps/Ponchos. 
– Hygiene products (soap, body lotion, lip chap, shampoo tooth brushes/paste, tampons/pads)
– Gift Cards (Dollorama, Timhortons, McDonalds) 

Winter Wish List:
– Mitts/Gloves 
– Toques 
– Scarves 
-Hand/Feet Warmers

With over 3000 individuals homeless on any given day in Calgary, we see helping these individuals who are most at risk either access food, water, clothing, hygiene and others resources to better themselves. As a 100% volunteer run non profit, the Total of $7000.00+ is how much it costs for 1 year to operate for 52 events. Each event we have been averaging (2019) 100+ homeless individuals being helped. This makes $1 of your donation go far in its ability to help. Your $1 truly does count with us! We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability to serve our homeless in the best way possible.